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SEHD361800LSGES2C8 Square D Insulated Case Circuit Breakers

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SEHD361800LSGES2C8 Square DInsulated Case Circuit Breakers

SEHD361800LSGES2C8, Square D, SE Series, type SEHD, 3P, 3PH, 1800A, 600V, 150kA@480V, high interrupt rating, draw-out, complete with Micrologic Series B trip device, (LSIG) Long-Time, Short-Time, Instantaneous and Ground Fault trip functions, solid state protection, electrically operated complete with 24VDC spring charging motor, shunt closing coil & shunt trip along with 2 N.C. AC rated auxiliary switch with bell alram, insulated case circuit breakers, these breakers are now obsolete; however, we do still stock them

ManufacturerSquare D
Sub-CategoryInsulated Case
FamilySE Series
ProtectionSolid State
Functions(LSIG) Long-Time, Short-Time, Instantaneous and Ground Fault
AIC Rating150kA@480V

SEHD361800LSGES2C8's cut sheet can be provided upon request.

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