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Mission Critical Systems


Natural Gas & Diesel type Generators up to 2000KW, Open type & Power Modules Style Generators, Manual & Automatic Transfer Switches up to 4000A, Power Circuit Breakers up to 4000A.


CRAC & CRAH units from 5 ton to 30 ton, Air Cooled Chillers from 5 ton to 400 tons, Water cooled chillers up to 1500 tons, Cooling towers up from 50 to 650 tons and up to 1500 tons in multi-cell configurations, Spot coolers, Package units.

Power Distribution

Molded Case Circuit Breakers & Panel Boards up to 4000A; Panel Board Switches & Distribution Sections up to 4000A; Motor Starters, Pump Panels & Combination Starters up to Size 9; Safety Switches, Transfer Switches & Load Breaker; Switches up to 4000A; Circuit Breaker & Fusible type Bus Plugs & Busway Systems.


Vacuum & Air Circuit Breakers & Switchgear up to 6000A, Insulated Case Circuit Breakers & Switchgear up to 4000A, Low & Medium Voltage Switches 480V - 35K, Manual & Automatic Transfer Switches up to 4000A, Motor Control Centers MCC's up to 4000A.


Dry Type Transformers from 15KVA - 4000KVA; Liquid Filled Transformers up to 34.5KV; Pole mount, Pad mount & Substation types available.


UPS rental power units from 1000VA to 1000KVA; Battery configurations intergraded and customized to your load; Manual & Automatic Transfer Switches up to 4000A; Circuit Breakers, Switchgear & Power Distribution up to 4000A.

Ready to Rent?

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For more information on the types of rental equipment we offer:

Buying vs. Renting

Reasons for Buying:

  • Long term need
  • Permanent solution
  • Build equity
  • In house equity

Reasons for Renting:

  • Short-term or temporary need
  • Future power needs uncertain
  • Portable solution
  • Perserve capital
  • Assets-to-liabilities ratio
  • Reduce operating expenses
  • Third party maintenance and support

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