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Consumer Guide to Online Computer Security

Identity theft! Online fraud! Scams by e-mail! These are just a few of the common problems that are faced by computer users today. In fact, online fraud is one of the fastest growing areas of crime today. Every year thousands of consumers are victimized by this criminal activity, costing millions of dollars in loses.

Today consumers face a number of potential online dangers that they are not even aware of. Criminals can attempt to deceive users in a number of ways. The consumer user can be a victim of a deception from fake emails, using fake websites and a host of other activities. While fraudulent emails are good ways to con consumers, there are a number of ways for people to avoid being a victim. The simplest way is by using common sense. If an email or information sent to you seems too good to be true - it probably is!

Consumers need to be alert to a variety of risks. They include e-mail scams, fake websites, identity theft, phishing attempts and much more. But the best way for people to protect themselves from falling victim of these scams is through education. The more you know, and the more information you have about potential problems, the more you will be protected.

To help consumers of all ages remain safe online, we have put together a useful collection of information on fraud, identity theft and other topics. Please feel free to review the following information as well as share it with others to help.

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