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Obsolete Circuit Breakers and Bus Plugs for your Business or Residence

Zinsco is one of America's original circuit breaker manufacturers with equipment dating back to the 1950's. Zinsco circuit breakers are obsolete, meaning they are no longer in production. However, Widespread Electrical Sales specializes in the plug-in and bolt-on style Zinsco circuit breakers. We offer the Zinsco "Q-Line", "QB-Line" and "QL-Line" just to name a few... Our selection of Zinsco includes circuit breakers and bus plugs up to 600 amps. In the table below you will see all the options we have available. Please select your specifications to find the exact Zinsco product you need. If you need technical assistance, please use the live chat or call us to speak with a Zinsco circuit breaker professional.

The Zinsco brand has been obsoleted; however, Widespread Electrical Sales still offers many of their products

Widespread Electrical Sales is not an authorized distributor for Zinsco.

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